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Deputy Minister of Education invites PSBAA to School Act review meeting on December 4th, 2009

November 12, 2009

The School Act review process is continuing forward with gathering momentum. This morning, the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta received an email from Mr. Keray Henke, the Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of Alberta, indicating that an all-day meeting will be held on December 4th, 2009. The purpose of this meeting is to “focus on the alignment of the findings from Inspiring Education and the work of the School Act review.” According to Deputy Minister Henke, this will be addressed in three ways:

  1. “Members of the Inspiring Education Steering Committee will present information on their proposed direction based on public input over the past several months, including the proposed vision and legislative implications.”
  2. “[Alberta] Education staff will share highlights of public submissions related to the School Act review and a proposed structural outline of new education legislation.”
  3. “Attendees will contribute their views on the information provided and the proposed structural outline of the new Act.”

The Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta looks forward to attending the meeting and engaging in a constructive and collaborative dialogue with other education stakeholders. This meeting will begin the important process of translating the future of education as imagined by Albertans through Inspiring Education into actual legislation. Specifically, the PSBAA looks forward to this meeting as the beginning of an inquiry into the role of local government in provincial education. This was largely absent from the Inspiring Education dialogue (click here to read our blog post on the subject), so we look forward to moving into a conversation not only about how and what Albertans will learn in twenty years, but about how education decisions will be made.

There is still time remaining for Albertans to offer their input. Four MLAs sit on the Steering Committee for Inspiring Education, and as such, they have been invited to the December 4th meeting. These MLAs are:

Aside from these MLAs, you can always contact the Minister of Education (Hon. Dave Hancock), or  contact your local MLA and urge them to stand up in your community, in their caucus, and in our legislature to reaffirm Alberta’s commitment to a public, community-governed education system.

Additionally, these individuals sit on the Inspiring Education Steering Committee:

  • Mark Anielski, President and CEO of Anielski Management Inc.
  • Dr. Sharon Friesen, President of the Galileo Educational Network
  • Mary Hofstetter, President and CEO of the Banff Centre
  • Dr. Wilton Littlechild
  • John Masters, President and CEO of Calgary Technologies, Inc.
  • Laurie Thompson, Teacher and elementary school principal, Kikino Métis Settlement
  • Anne-Marie Pham, Co-Founder of the Calgary Vietnamese Youth Group and Chair of the Vietnamese Canadian Youth Action Committee of the Vietnamese Canadian Federation
  • Dr. Jane O’Dea, Dean of Education for the University of Lethbridge
  • Lance Carlson, President and CEO of the Alberta College of Art and Design
  • Sharon Carry, President and CEO of Bow Valley College
  • Jim Gibbons, Superintendent of Schools for Chinook’s Edge School Division
  • Don Iveson, Councillor for Ward 5, City of Edmonton
  • Zuhy Sayeed, Early childhood education teacher, Lethbridge
  • Deborah Lloyd, Medicine Hat School District
  • Brent McDonough, IB Coordinator for Holy Trinity High School, Edmonton
  • Brant Parker, Principal of University School and Dr. Gordon Townsend School, Calgary

Any member of the Steering Committee would be glad to have a conversation with any Albertan about the School Act review.

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